If I had to ask you what it would take for you to reach the things you want, you could easily tell me?

How do you approach doing the things that you don’t know how to do yet? Do you freeze up? Or do you try?

One day a kid and his father walked to a lake in their town and walked out on the dock because the son said he wanted to learn how to swim. But day after day the son would not swim even though the father assured that he would be right there. This scenario played out for 3 weeks when the son suddenly announced he will stay on the dock until he learned to swim revealing that he wanted to understand how to swim before he got in the water. So he decided to ask God.

Year after year he stayed at this dock asking God to teach him to swim. One year a drought came through his town and the lake dried up. This saddened the boy and he decided to go back home but realized that because he sat for so long he couldn’t remember how to walk. So he prayed to God pleading, “God can you please teach me how to walk?!”

You will never learn the thing that you want to do or be the person you want to be unless you…get…in…the environment that makes it possible. That’s the only way you can learn the movements that you will need to master.

Excellence isn’t difficult, but sometimes action is. Even if you have to close your eyes to do it. Even if you have to crawl…ACT!

What actions should you be taking now? In what environment?



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