Faith is the substance of what’s hoped for, the evidence of what’s not seen. What can you have now that you still can hope for? Or what do you have in evidence but still cannot see? The answer to the riddle is…yourself.

Some people believe that Christianity calls everyone to be the same but a glance at the scriptures reveal that the sacrifice always lays on piles of stones. Stones are distinctly different from bricks – they have their own shape. I think that God wanted us to recognize that we are all different and the only constant is that specific sacrifice – Jesus Christ.

We are different in personality, desires and even in our physical nature down to our fingerprints but Differences do not divide they distinguish.

As we move through life we do not see our full selves but we do find evidences of ourselves through our experiences new and old. A sculptor once said, “To make a statue, I carve away anything that doesn’t look like a man.” Isn’t that what we do too?

We experience life and sometimes do things that we regret(that doesn’t look like us), and we begin to carve it out of our lives in hope that one day what we see inside is revealed outside. And that speaks for your character, skill and talent.

In my experiences living with Christ, there are always circumstances where I act in ways that I have already experienced to be “not me…not needed…not inside”(at least not anymore). In those instances I always trust that things will work out and that more of what’s in me could be revealed.

As long as there are experiences to be had, you will always get to see yourself more clearly. And hopefully your friends, spouse, significant other, parents, coaches, teachers or children see the real you and you see the real them. It’s possible that God placed you in their lives to help them reveal themselves to the rest of the world.

You are not in full expression yet! You still have hope and alot of YOU that you haven’t experienced either. PUSH FORWARD!

What have your experiences shown you about yourself? What do you hope to be like 1yr, 5yrs, 10yrs from today?


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