The heartbeat of excellence is conviction. The breath between each beat are the dreams of your desires.

Have you ever said to yourself when not performing to where you feel you really are, “I know I am better than what I am doing now!” “I am more talented than what my coach/teacher/boss or anyone knows…if only I could just get a chance!” “I know I can be great at that thing!” “I know I can do it!”

You probably are right, but what you feel is the breath of excellence in every bone in your body…It’s what you see and know is inside of you. But how do you get to reveal what you see so that your coach/teacher/boss or maybe everyone can notice?

Answer? The heartbeat – Conviction.

That heartbeat, your Conviction, pounds and makes you shape your talent that’s within into a sharpened skill. You begin to push forward until others begin realizing what you see within. Check this out!

Danny Green (just to be recent otherwise I would have chosen Michael Jordan)
He was cut numerous times from different teams in the NBA…maybe he wasn’t good enough then. But now, on the biggest stage in the NBA, the Finals, he has shown that he is a legitimate NBA scorer. He could’ve quit on his dreams.

Thelton Eugene Henderson(Federal Judge)
In 1962 he was the first African-American judge hired for the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. And he was the first one to be fired too. He could have thought that his career was over but his convictions found him a federal seat in 1980 in Northern California. He could’ve quit on his dreams.
(learn about his story:

According to the 1972 ruling from the Supreme Court all belief falls into two categories: Preference & Conviction. And the way you test if one has true belief(conviction) is through 5 modes.

1)Peer Pressure – if you change what you believe because your friends want you to or to fit in then it was a preference not a conviction.
2)Family Pressure – if your family’s motivation is to melt your resolve by being negative and causing discomfort and you fold it was a preference not a conviction
3) Fear of Lawsuits – if you were threatened with a lawsuit would you give it up?
4) Imprisonment – if threatened with jail will you stop pursuing your belief?
5) Death – if threatened with death will you throw it away?

I know that you’re not going to die for sports or career but you get the idea.

Have you demonstrated the sincerity of your belief in your ability by walking the path you need to follow in the face of pressure? Or was it just merely a passing thought…a loose idea? Are you willing to stand up against what you call a false representation of yourself? Do you have CONVICTION?!

Do you have the CONVICTION of a champion?!


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