Within the walls of our colleges and universities is a great diverse crowd. In the classroom, psych majors mix with business majors; different ethnic people walk the same halls; in the training room athletes talk with other athletes; in the cafeteria freshmen mingle with seniors. Tomorrow’s leaders.

All of them have ideas of being “something” one day. You know those ideas of grandeur that we all have. ‘I will be the leader of a corporation, running my own business, living in the biggest house in the world’ type-of-stuff. ‘The best at what I do!’

Teachers brood over their class hoping to awaken the true leadership needed for their students dreams to come true. On a higher level the founder of that college or university, with an eagle eye, soared over society and saw a need for education for young people to navigate through on their way to the working world.

Because there were students who passed through those halls already, they left feedback on how best to travel through that jungle.
jungle steps
You see, the founder, teacher and previous “jungle traveler” are all leaders. How? They saw needs and filled them! One built the institution, another teaches and yet another helps orient you to traveling through the surroundings. You know you are leading when someone begins to walk through your ideas in reality.

So next time you relate in conversation with a stranger about a topic you learned in the classroom, stand in line in the cafeteria or for a athletic game, or even remember your college orientation week, know that leaders made that happen.

What does that have to do with anything? I find that young people sometimes believe that leadership is telling someone what to do but it’s not. Leadership is showing someone a vision/idea that is important and needed for that person and letting them know that you’re willing to walk with them through the process.

Whether the need is a purposed building, chosen discipline or best practices and insights, leadership opportunities are always around, you just need eyes(i.e. understanding) to see what’s needed. Are you a leader?

What need do you see around you that can be solved through your leadership?


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