Today is an important mile-marker for me: I have reached “a month’s worth” of miles! So today I will post an audio. I still have to get better equipment but I believe you have to use what you have first or else new things really serve no motivated purpose.

In the youtube audio recording below, I share about the brain science’s understanding of stress and look for it in the story of David and Goliath and reveal how to deal with stress through watching what David did.

Since it’s 26 minutes long, I’ll show you the time markers below so you can choose what portion you may want to hear over others. I hope you find it helpful.

oh and yes you can see my home I grew up in from the pic

<1:10> Why I chose to study Sport Psychology

<4:07> Understanding the science of Stress

<8:19> Story of David & Goliath (if you don’t know it)

<14:50> Finding the clues that reveal the stress response in the story

<20:00> How to overcome Stress using 4 Tips

<24:20> Extra: Leadership Tip

Which one of the tips will you put into practice today?


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