I am so pumped that I have been able to reach this milestone that I have done another audio. I like the feel of this one better but I know I have a lot to learn and tips to understand about recording.

Anyway, today we are speaking about Excellence. If you look in the Welcome to my Journey tab, you will see that this is exactly the subject I wanted to reveal through doing this blog site.

Arete is the word for Excellence in the Greek but today we will hear about Chayil (this is the word personifying excellence in the Hebrew language). In the Story of Ruth, the Bible calls her a Chayil Woman. [Listen to see if the characteristics found correlate with what is listed in Proverbs 31.] Again I will leave time markers below.

<1:10> Story of Ruth (with contextual insights at 2:52)

<7:05> TEN characteristics of excellence

I want to share a great story of excellence with you from a young man(that I believe has all 10 characteristics at some level) who works with autistic children and has used his efforts to help increase awareness for equitable funding for special needs kids. See the two videos below.


What are you doing to share your excellence?


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  1. Great stuff. I actually have to go back and listen to the previous audio. The list is certainly on point and you’re correct that “Love” covers all.

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