“You can not lead what you still fit in with.” – TD Jakes

Leadership by simple understanding reveals that you should be leading to somewhere else. Those who are in “positions of leadership” but aren’t going somewhere are not real leaders, they are managers – managing where a leader has already brought the group.

In a team, most of what is being led are faulty perspectives and bad attitudes of others but if you have those same faulty and bad characteristics how can you consider yourself a leader? And you know, a leader doesn’t always mean a good leader…it just means they are taking others somewhere…towards the bad or good.


We just celebrated July 4th, the single most important leadership decision for our nation’s survival but if our leaders still embraced, what they considered to be faulty perspectives and bad attitudes they could not have led anything. There could have been figure-heads (great managers) but nothing like a leader, but they decided to take courage and act differently.

Right now you may need a leader in your life or you may need to lead your own life so that you act differently than how you’ve been acting. Maybe you need to put in more work on the thing for which you have been procrastinating. Maybe you need to act different towards a loved one. Maybe you should think different about yourself.

One piece of advice I give to those who yearn to be leaders, is from a quote taken from a sign on a command post door in West Baghdad:

“In the absence of guidance or orders, figure out what they should have been and execute aggressively.”


Do you have the courage to become a leader?


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