accident2Last night as I was driving back from NY, I experienced my first face-on accident. I don’t want to bore with details but it is enough to say that all involved were and are safe (except for my body feeling a little banged up).

This is one of those situations where the worse could have easily happened.

My night was long, but when I got home at around 2am, something happened. I began wondering, as I suspect most people do when in accidents, why am I here? And why was I out late to begin with?renewal

I thought about that while I was sitting outside when I got home…asking where did your feet take you tonight and was it worth it?

My close friends were renewing their 10years-and-running wedding vows. “The boys” had a good reason to connect. Plus, seeing a marriage make it through the ups and downs for 10years is special and being around the people that made it happen is priceless. So was it worth it? Absolutely.

the boysAs I sat outside til late-early morning, I began saying, “I’m not done yet! I have something to do! My journey will not be taken from me!”

I experienced the hope of a dream, screaming out for existence. Have you ever heard your dream talk to your circumstances or to you? This was the first time I have ever experienced something like that.

Recently, someone asked me why I blog, record audio and why I have a dvd of my first comedy routine. My answer…Because you can’t kill what can’t die – word. And I can’t not do it because I feel like I’m not that good. I must use what I have. Every time I speak, I speak from my heart…It is the thing that I would die for.

What would I want to say if I had a chance to speak? What would I want others to know? This is why I blog, record audio and the like. So that just in case, God forbid, an accident takes my life, you see what’s left and what I didn’t want to die with me.mat

So until then, let me walk back into my apartment and stay on path with my faith and my hopes. (Joshua 24:15)

Have you found your personal journey yet? Have you found what you would die for? Have you found what makes you alive?


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