Our culture today is working hard shaping you into a production machine. It’s little wonder why personal development coaches and life coaches are in abundance. They help us to “make it”.

And while becoming financially unburdened is a good goal to have, there ought to be a remarkable distinction when observing the results: quality of life & standard of living…(the latter speaking of material gains the former of the soul’s garden’s wisdom).

Freedom from debt immediately increases your standard of living. Your mind is sharper on economic maneuvering point of view but it can’t be used with heart issues: obtaining true peace in relationships, memories, and outlook. And it cannot quench your soul’s desire for justice and love. You will always want more and you end up next to a faucet that doesn’t give water or a low hanging dark cloud that releases no rain.

True Excellence begins with identifying that you are separate from your skill.

True Freedom comes when you are not only physically unshackled from poverty but when your soul and spirit is Freed as well. From what you may ask? From poverty.

Getting fully free is the beginning of wisdom.

How are you working on being free totally?


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