The shepherd and sheep relationship is an analogy that scriptures often use to represent one of the many clear understandings of what our relationship with God is like.

Ironically, we believe that that analogy makes us look helpless while yet we live, perceive, and follow the shepherding of city planners; who tell us where we could live, where we could buy our groceries, shop for clothes, take a bathroom break…you get the picture.


And, even if you are rich or poor, in droves we follow, for the most part, our shepherd. Our senator. Our Congressman. Our President. So we also use the same analogy to learn things about about leaders and leadership.

Let me ask you this, How have you been with Shepherding yourself? What is your rod & staff? Where are you leading yourself?

Better yet, where are you leading others?

Are you using some of the attributes of Shepherds?

Bravery (eyes are watchful for whatever may try to hinder you from reaching your goal and confront is immediately)

Foresight (Take the time to be strategic with contingencies. You can begin to build a mind for foresight by speaking your dream’s story line, day line & time line out to a friend. Try to speak of hindrances or obstacles to get over. You can have fun with it by pretending that you are doing an interview for a major national network.)

Faithful (Do people like sharing about their dreams with you? Are you committed to helping bring in resources to make other’s dreams happen (especially when you are that resource?)

The only attribute for a sheep being led is: TRUST.

So, who do you trust? Better yet, who trusts you?

Whose life have you made more free because you are a part of it?


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