While reading Luke chapter 7 I found some understandings that made me see God in a different light. Here are the three ways I see within the chapter with how God engages you with His Power.


1) Your Faith
In the story of the Roman centurion who wanted one of his servants to be healed(you can find the story from verses 1-10), Jesus used his power to heal his servant because of how much the centurion believed in the authority of Jesus to do the work.

But in order for him to ask Jesus for a healing he had to have first heard that Jesus could do what he was asking. He heard and believed. What do you need done in your life right now? What have you heard of Jesus? Do you believe it?

2) His compassion to Your circumstance
In the story of the funeral in the city of Nain(see story from verses 11-17), a widow just lost her only son and was going through the process to bury him. On the way with the procession, Jesus used his power without being asked to raise this boy from the dead.

I usually hear that God does not respond to your circumstance only to your faith but this beautiful story shows that God does care about what you are going through. Based on the patriarchal culture during the time of the story, this woman would have had a tough time making a living being a woman with no husband and no son. Her husband and son, who were now dead, would have been the voice for the voiceless(women).

And with no asking from this woman, Jesus spoke to her circumstance by using his power to redeem her voice. Jesus cares about your cultural experiences and he even doesn’t need you to ask him….he knows.

3) Worship that is activated by Faith
In this story, a woman that has only been characterized as a sinner, walks into a dinner party and anoints both Jesus’ head and feet. And was cleaning his feet with her hair. You can find the story from verses 36-50.

Jesus used his power to speak confirmation into this woman’s life. She believed that Jesus did something for her and came and worshiped him, seen through her bowing down washing and kissing his feet.

Sometimes the action of worship(extending praise and thanksgiving through your own way) because of something you believe Jesus did for you can cause Jesus to speak over your life, the confirmation of his blessings.

How is God working in your life right now? How are you engaging His Power?


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