I’m not sure if you ever heard of Fran Tarkenton, but I’m sure the die-hard football fans have(of which I am not one). I have however, read one of his books and want to share some of the tips I gained from reading it.

If you don’t know who this guy is take a look at the youtube video below. Check it out you’ll enjoy it.

With ‘Scramblin Fran’ in mind, here are Ten tips for success that I gained from his book:
Fran book

1) Stop planning. Do something and “plan” to learn from it.

2) Two things matter – belief and a goal. Between those two here’s what you need to have: discipline, dedication, consistency, delayed gratification and feedback.

3) Praise is infinitely better than condemnation. Praise in proportion to the importance of the action. That’s true feedback.

4) “No good advice has ever been given at the top of one’s lungs.” Making specific observations not emotional fluffs is the way to lead others.

5) Reflections on what you do and why you do it is essential for longevity.

6) “The 80-yard drive is better than the 80-yard pass.” Break your goals down into small steps…Big plays come from the small steps.

7) Track the “winning acts” of an overall performance goal, to show you how deep your personal involvement was towards achievement.

8) If you have mastered the information of your field, listen more to your instincts than the sideliners’.

9) “Always ask, always listen.” Always want to learn. “Tell me how/about” should be your three favorite words.

10) Don’t let your dream or your competition distract you from what you MUST do NOW! But keep both in the periphery.

How are you summer goals coming along? Adjust if necessary but continue pushing.


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