The key of knowledge is sacrifice. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

True personal leadership begins with the willingness to sacrifice. And the first sacrifice is yourself. To choose anything you must also not choose something else. Our entire lives is founded on this sacrificial system and it is in it that we are able to find knowledge.

You chose your school. You choose where to eat. You choose your relationships(hopefully). You chose your sport…etc.

Have you found that as we grow older in life that we try to hold on to all choices at the same time? We want to hang out with friends during the same time we ought to be practicing for a particular skill to develop. I find that this is a difficult thought and feeling to manage.

But if we hold on to both at the same time, we sacrifice our growth. This is the age-old-fight between growth and fear of loss.


If we don’t figure out how to make the proper decisions according to our goals, we lose our growth. And it will be difficult, if not impossible for you to lead other people through a path you never took yourself.

I am not saying to deny your emotions if you are feeling stronger towards, for example, hanging out with friends or eating fast foods over skill development practice or a healthy alternative, but I am saying that you must choose which is most important at this time in your life.

Their is a huge difference between being led and being driven. LEAD.

So what things should you know that can help you make knowledge-led decisions?

1) Find an accountability partner for your goals

2) Decide to be willing to hear real truth concerning your thinking process

3) *Remember that not all “right” decisions will feel good when you make them


What things are you willing to sacrifice for your personal growth?


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