Imagine test-driving an expensive car with your eyes closed down the middle of New York City’s Time Square area hoping not to crash and loving the rush. And suddenly you jerk forward and shoot open your eyes wide after what has always be known as a poor decision and….you’re ok, laughing and feeling full of adventure. Luckily the car was a student-driver car and the teacher was inside with steady arms steering you away from a dangerous end.

Every-single-moment doesn’t always have to be forward looking. True, but when your emotions begin to cover your way and your mind becomes not part of making a decision then you have to beware. Emotions are fun to experience, especially if the emotion of pleasure is involved, but what should you do when your emotions are asking you to do something different from the path you have seen for you. Some may say You Only Live Once or Smell The Roses while you are moving along your journey. And I agree… if the flower isn’t poisonous.

blind driver

Although we now live in a culture that can be characterized as sensationalist – always seeking emotional pleasure, and some of us have sold our minds to whomever we’re listening to now, it must be said like my mentor told me: your mind directs your path your emotions help you enjoy it.

We need both. And if one is asking for the systematic blinding of the other then we can’t have true faith or conscious direction. Faith isn’t shutting your mind off, it is believing, reasonably, that the path you’re on and where you’re going is right and is/will be worth it. Who or what thought is leading you…your peers, your siblings, your parents, your children, your classmates, your co-workers, your teammates?

Although we all like just “having fun” not thinking about anything but just living life, you must understand someone else has thought up and constructed the path that you are blindly, or not, moving through and enjoying right now…Directing you, just like the teacher in the student-driver car.

Here’s my question: Where do you want be or go in life? Who or what thought is steering your course?


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