Whenever a collegiate coach is recruiting new talent, they watch tape on the athlete and if lucky or diligent they get to watch the athlete perform in person. And based on criteria known only by the coaches, they choose/offer the athlete a scholarship.

There is no athlete that chooses the coach they want to play for. Let me explain. Athletes can only choose from the coaches that have chosen them.

Players, when you do choose, remember that the same way you saw something in the program you chose, is the same way the coach saw something in you. And it may be that you aren’t where the coach sees you could be but you must submit to the molding of what the coach sees.

When both coach and athlete agree on choosing each other it is the beginning of community. All that is needed are two things: belief & honor.

Player: You must believe that the coach will lead you to a more polished expression of yourself. You must believe that if the coach tells you that you can do something, that it is not for show but they mean it.

Coach: You must believe that even when your player doesn’t always respond how you want that they chose you because they believed that you can bring them to the place they need to be. They are counting on you to lead them there. You must also believe in your vision and scheme for your program because if you don’t believe neither will your team.

Player: You listen to who you honor. You will become like the person you choose to listen to and honor. If your coach knows the sport that they are coaching really well, and you honor them then….(you can finish the rest).

Coach: You must remember to honor your coaching staff because most of what players learn from you character-wise is caught not taught. If you want a cohesive team, honor your staff by having an open ear always.

This idea is not only for sports but for life also. You didn’t choose life, life chose you. Have you made you choice to live yet? It’s also the same with your relationship with God. God has already chosen you have you made your choice yet? Are you ready to bring what’s needed to the table?


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