You wake up every morning…then you go through your routine that really wakes you up, after that, you head to your front door, raise your arm slightly and rest it on the doorknob about to turn it when you pause.

You ask, “Do I have what I need to make it through this day?” You do a mental check. Check. Check. Check….your good! But are you?

Leadership is about navigating and nothing is as important to everyone as knowing how to navigate through today’s world economy. But you can’t navigate through anything that you cannot see without some guidance so I’m currently reading a book titled, “The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger“, and I find the implication of its thesis very shocking.

In a very simplistic and broad sweeping analysis I find it saying that if you are to turn that doorknob and enter life you should 1) keep your doctor on speed dial for prescription anxiety medication, 2) pick up yoga (or any other method of naturally calming your stressors), or 3) fight politically to lower income inequality (which by the way, if chosen, will cause you to do 1 or 2).

Why? Because if you don’t, the life expectancy of all(wealthy and poor), will drop.

Isn’t that a poor indictment on being able to walk through our career paths?

Now I know that there is a rebuttal book out there titled, “The Spirit Level Delusion: Fact-Checking the Left’s New Theory of Everything“, but for now I still must ask the question asked above: “Do I have what I need to make it through this [life]?”

Because now it’s not about how much money “I” make, the real question is will “I” be healthy enough or live long enough to enjoy it?

I hope you can and do say YES!


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