School is starting back up again! All athletes are getting ready to or have already reported to their respective programs.

Maybe your team had a great season last year and you’re struggling with how to keep yourself and your team’s intensity high. Or you had a tough season last year and you’re struggling with how to keep yourself and your team’s intensity high. Either way the point I’m highlighting is that good or bad circumstances can always cast a dark cloud over what needs to get done.

But there is a truth that folks who follow excellence understand that, when embraced, they always are on task, optimistic and aware of the path to take.

Most people who are in tough situations look for the “silver lining” – that narrative thread that could change the situation and possibly give hope for carrying on.

Well here’s the truth that you will know from this day forward. I reveal it like this:

In the 1970’s the Chrysler Car Corporation was heading towards bankruptcy with no good outlook. So in 1979 they hired Lee Iacocca and within a few years the company was profitable again. He made possibly unpopular decisions like selling the company’s foreign divisions, laying people off and closing some plants. He also acquired a loan from congress to help with the company’s solvency. Today Chrysler is carrying on strong.

The path that he took for the company to be profitable couldn’t have been the silver lining could it? It definitely doesn’t sound like a narrative I would want to hear if I worked there.

Every person who decides to embrace the path of excellence must also embrace that the silver lining in all difficult situations is them. The real truth about silver linings, if you can hear it is, You are the silver lining in the storm.

Why? Because if you really follow excellence you have educated yourself on your craft, you have become the ultimate learner and you believe in what you know. Sometimes the narrative that you must walk through may be tough(pre-season, season, post-season) and the clouds heavy and threatening(classes, workouts, conference/rival teams, national contenders) but if you understand that YOU are the silver lining on your team, then as long as you are alive or apart of the team, you are the solution.

You won’t go around blaming everyone else but you will see what YOU need to do to help yourself and your team. Excellence does have a foundation/a starting point for serious seekers. Olympic and professional athletes have been engaged with it for centuries. It is found in the knowledge of Sports Psychology -the biological and psychological understanding of self regulation(self-control).

In the link below, Lee Iacocca gives his 9 characteristics of the person on this kind of path. check it out:

What are YOU going to do NOW? What question do YOU need to ask? Who do you need to ask them to?


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