I followed my mentor into a corporate building yesterday. One of those Buildings that actually manages three other buildings on the same lengthy property. One of those buildings that house the corporate offices for other corporations…you get the picture.

We walked in the building, the lobby had a couple of trees on either side hovering over some comfortable looking chairs and a small pond-like thingy.

Why were we there? One, my mentor knew the guy running things and two, to try and cut a deal for something (sorry for the vagueness).

We met with the manager of the buildings and when we began talking, they (my mentor and this guy) started to talk way above my head knowledge. And sitting in that chair overhearing them speak, I realized why my mentor brought me there.

For the last three months my mentor and I have been going over the things that I have learned since I’ve been with him. And I had it down! I was good….until that meeting.

I believe that true leaders make sure you actually comprehend what they were trying to teach you in a given season but then introduces you to a entirely new spectrum that you now have to understand.

A leader always pushes the envelope of understanding and learning to the next level. And they don’t tell you…they show you.

I wish I could have understood fully what they were saying…but I know I will…soon.

Who is following you? What have you taught them? What new thing have you embarked them upon?



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  1. The tip on leadrship the “showing” not the “telling” is a great idea. Your mentor knows what it’s all about.

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