Imagine with me a plant that wants to be fruitful…what would that plant need to have in order to be fruitful? A nutrient filled ground…no??? The very thing that it doesn’t even picture.

If you have read the Mile 36 (faith) post & the Mile 37 (faith) post you would see that we have been speaking about covetousness/greed or better put “a constant desiring over things you don’t have”.

But if you don’t desire things or success then how do you get the drive to be successful or achieve anything? Yet with that question looming Jesus still says to seek first the kingdom.


One story in Bible shows an example, I think, of the type of focus Jesus wants us to have. In John chapter 6, there are a great gathering of people listening to Jesus in the desert places and as the disciples put it, they were hungry and needed food to eat. The disciples continued and reported to Jesus that “we don’t have enough food to feed them”. To which Jesus responded, “What do we have?”

You can finish reading the story in the scripture on your own time but the focus is clear. Most times when we think about setting goals we set them thinking about the thing that we don’t have and it never crosses our mind to take account of what we do have.

I believe what God is trying to help purge out of our system is the mindset greed/covetousness breeds. The mindset breeds a lack of thankfulness for what you already have. We end up always looking around at what we don’t have.

What did Jesus do with the food they did have? 3 things.

1) He gave thanks
You must remember to be thankful for what you have. You may not have what you want but you have something that other people possibly don’t have. You never know how important simple things are until they aren’t there anymore. Like breath, function of your limbs, your right mind…etc. And for the plant, soil, sun and oxygen. Be thankful.

2) He blessed it
You should, with what you have, speak good things over it. Know that it is a good thing. Remember for example, not to take for granted the things that people do for you because if they do leave your life you would wish you had recognized and praised their efforts. Speak well over the skills and things that you do have.

3) He shared it
You have to be willing to share what you do have with others. Take the risk and put yourself out there. It just may be that what you have will spread over an entire crowd and they in turn becomes thankful for your work. Try not to hoard while desiring more. As a speaker once conceptualized it, you don’t want to be a stagnant pond but a flowing river. Share with others your skill, resources, and talents.

Notice that the results may be the same but your conscious attention will be thankful and others-focused. These three things WILL increase your achievement and others will help to make sure you do achieve. This is true.

Take the time out today to do one of the three


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