Are you willing to sacrifice your norms, your time, your focus and your effort for a glimpse into your future?

journey-blogWhen people speak about faith they fail to mention what it will cost to keep it. When God called Abraham to leave his father’s house to travel wherever God was leading, Abraham left all that was comfortable and known in those days.

Yes, most people in those days were nomads but all traveled with and remained with their families; Abraham chose to leave his. According to the scripture, God spoke a promise that he will make Abraham into a great nation.

But there was an issue. Abraham was childless. And over time when this truth was too much for Abraham to bear, he spoke out to God and asked him “how will I know that what you are saying is true?”

Having already left his father’s house, Abraham was learning and living a nomadic life. It must have been that he believed the promise when he first heard it. But now, with some precious time passing by and not seeing one glimpse of the promise coming to pass, he was afraid. (You need a child in order to at least begin being a father of multitudes).

God then asked him to sacrifice some of his livestock and it was then that God gave him a glimpse into his future and told him what his family will endure hundreds of years in the future. After that experience Abraham never questioned the promise again. I can’t even imagine what kind of experience that could have been.

So what did Abraham really give up? He gave up the comfort of living a city life(there were cities back then), possibly because he didn’t want to live within some other leaders vision or nation. He gave up benefiting from his father’s household and seeing his nephews and nieces grow up. He gave up knowing what he was going to do next for wandering around and waiting for something he couldn’t see.
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Here’s my question to you: What are you willing to give up for where you want to go? What are you willing to leave behind? Every choice, especially a choice of faith, has a cost, though unspoken.

What has your choice of faith quietly revealed you should give up, for God, for your future, for success, to be excellent? What!? Who!?


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