I can’t believe that I’m on Mile 38!!! I haven’t done that bad. I only had one real dip in the beginning of the the 2013 year where I hardly blogged. That’s because I took a job where I did business to business sales…and you could guess sales hours. I’ll share some of the stories with you from the wonderful world of sales in later posts. (ironic huh?)

Anyway since Mile 1 to now, if I were to sum it up in phrases, they would look like:


but sound like:

1) Guard against covetousness

2) Have conversations. Always be ready to meet someone new.

3) What are you doing with the key conversations of yesterday? Do you know when you’re having a key conversation?

4) Peace is being the best you can be at every moment…knowing your best may not be good enough. And also knowing that 1) God is good enough and 2) You are content with giving your very best.

5) Righteousness is that which already stands.

6) Joy is what you make of all your experiences. It’s a soul muscle…one that can consistently reframe poor outlooks with strategic and optimistic ones. It only, however, is sparked by the gaze of hope. Joy is an expectant muscle!

and my favorite…I am still learning this one

7) Grace: Every decision you make will not be the right one. Be bold!… as if your teacher just asked you what 2+2 equals. Make your decisions with that feeling of confidence.


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