I’m sure that everyone at some point in your lives have heard of or watched the life of Moses – The Ten Commandments. Well, there is a portion of that story that I believe has been overlooked and I will share that today. The portion is found in one lonely verse. First let me paint the picture as the Bible tells it.

God called Moses to go to Egypt and ask the Pharaoh to “let my people go!”. And while there, the scriptures reveal that Moses did Ten different miracles and plagues against the people of Egypt so that the Pharaoh would let the people go. Pharaoh agreed to let them go after those Ten plagues and sent them away with gold and silver. But then changed his mind and chased after them towards the Red Sea.

At the Red Sea, Moses does another miracle and the Sea was divided and stood high on two sides and the children of Israel walked over on dry land in the midst of the Sea to the other side. Then Moses led the people to the Mountain God asked him to bring them to.


The verse I want to point out happened before Moses did all of that awesome stuff. When God first asked Moses to do this mission Moses made up every excuse for not being able to do it. Here is the verse I spoke of and one of God’s responses to Moses…read carefully:

Exodus 3:12 “And God said, ‘I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”

Did you catch it???

Moses was afraid of going down to Egypt and facing the Pharaoh (v. 11) and the statement that God chose to help calm him seems strange to me. God is saying that “the sign that I will show you that I have sent you down to Egypt is…(drum roll)… after you come out you will worship me on this mountain you are standing on.”

Get it?! Here’s how you know I’m sending you…you will worship me right where you stand. I can hear Moses saying, “Thanks for the help with my anxiety God.”

Isn’t it amazing that the sign that God said He would give wasn’t the Ten Plagues, nor the compliance for release from slavery, nor the gold and silver the left with, nor the parting of the Red Sea, nor the traveling through the wilderness?

(SIDE NOTE: It’s not about Power, Influence, Wealth, Intrigue and Perseverance…Life is about worship. Get that right and the rest follows.)

Faith always presumes victory and success! With faith there is no need to mention the obstacles that inevitably will be in your way. They have to buckle. For God, the plan for after was to worship on the mountain. What’s yours?

What are you plans after you win your championship this year?

What plans do you have for after you accomplish the goals you have set this year? How you answer that question reveals to you if you believe or not.


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