If you don’t risk what you believe to the scrutiny of light, you will never really know what you believe or if it can be done.

For some people dreaming is good enough. Some people mention their BIG plans for success and yet find it difficult to take the first steps needed for it to reach reality. The Apostle Paul was not one of these individuals.

The Apostle Paul claimed to have a spiritual revelation that the gentiles can be saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. At the time of his revelation, this idea wasn’t even on the radar of any of the followers of Jesus. It was a belief that he held dear to heart. So much so that he was beaten, stoned, jailed and eventually killed because of his belief but still held the revelation as true.

What would have happened if he didn’t risk what he believed to the scrutiny of other people?

How about what we now know as the church would not have been here. Sometimes it is as simple as being willing to risk the scrutiny of your belief that can shape a millennium into the future.

When you see yourself different from how you are now, and you begin to take the steps to reveal what is inside, there will always be detractors and naysayers. You must plan for them. That battle will be the revealing factor for whether or not you have a conviction or a preference.

I believe that everyone dreams about something. But I also believe that most people don’t live it out because they only look for what they can get from it rather than what their dream is giving.

While taking your steps toward your full potential, if you really believe it, RISK IT ALL in the court of open opinion. More than likely you will have the last laugh.

What are some of the beliefs you have that you are afraid to let others know? Are you willing to let the future miss what you could’ve been walking in today?


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