What makes you push back?

In sport and life there are many things that will always bend towards pushing you into a corner. If you are not careful, your time to respond may expire and you will be in a situation that you never expected for yourself.

How do you respond when practice is too hard for you? How do you respond when your competition is better than you? How do you respond when you are not as good as you thought you were?

When I was younger, I remember being a really quick sprinter. I raced any and everybody…even the older kids. Most times with the older kids the race ended in a tie. They all recoginized that I was fast. One summer, when I was 9 years old, I traveled to Nevis(my grandma’s place). One day some guys from the neighborhood decided that we should race but as we lined up for the race, I remembered that they didn’t have sneakers on.

I was gonna smoke them. We were racing to my grandma’s house. As the race started, we were all even. Then the “miraculous” happened, they pulled away…and kept pulling away. They beat me handily. I was the last one to reach my grandma’s house. I was mad! I walked by everyone on the stoop, went to the back plot of land where we kept goats, took my sneakers off and I untied a goat and chased it…caught it…rested…then repeated that for at least an hour.

I wanted to get quicker and this was the only way in my 9 year old mind I thought that could happen. The very following track season, at my first track event, I was racing some kids from that same island and I smoked them. Vindication!!

What would you have done if you lost the race? In your sport or in life what makes you Push Back?!

What makes you reach for greatness…improvement…growth?




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