Meditation is the birthplace of all growth.

The information that you choose to meditate on ultimately directs the direction you will travel in life or with your goals. Even on a biological level, every organ and part of you are based on the information found in your DNA. And your DNA tells all your systems how you ought to grow.

As a leader, team captain, or someone struggling through your goals, whatever information you put in front of others and yourself or see on an everyday basis will reveal where you are going to end up. Whether you will be successful in the things you want to do or not.

So what does meditation really look like? I have three hopefully practical facets that can help you understand what I mean when I say meditation.


1) Listen
When you are wanting to lead others in a team environment, you first must have the respect of the teammate. No one will listen to someone who doesn’t care for them. You first must be willing to spend time listening to who your teammate is and what makes them tick. And after you listen, and you show great work ethic, then it’s their turn to listen…and trust me they will.

What you say to them is the important thing to help them improve their performance, attitude or general emotion. Try to be developmental and learning oriented in your conversations with your team. When they succeed at a task, point out their commitment to the process and if they fail at reaching a goal, point out that goals are meant to be adjusted or that now we know what we need to work on. FAIL – First Attempt In Learning.

If they do well in listening to your feedback, they are on the first stage of meditating for their own benefit.

2) Reflect
After any attempt to do something it is always a good idea to do one of two things: talk about it or journal. Journaling would be my advice for the best reflection. It offers a good perspective later down the line and you can still look back and see where you grew from. Just talking may cause the truth to be altered some time later plus you are holding much working memory space in your head that can be used for some other important thing.

Reflection also helps you to weed out the unhelpful insights that may have been picked up while walking towards your goals. If listening gives you the inspiration to walk, reflection gives you the magnifying glass to choose what to pay attention to.

3) Digest
Have you ever eaten sunflower seeds? You pop a few in your mouth, crack the shell, pick out the seed, and spit out the shell. Sounds about right…right?! Well, the first two facets, listening and reflection, cracks the shell and finds the seed but you have to swallow the seed for digestion to take place.

Digestion is the facet that has to deal with allowing what you now have, to be a part of you. What you’ve learned from following your goals or from giving other team members some goals is what you must now ask to become an intricate part of their behavior. This process ‘throws away’ the unnecessary behaviors that were hindering success from becoming a reality.

Some athletes do things because they believe that that is what the coach would want. And they’re right! But if you truly want to be an effective leader or an efficient player you must understand that true growth depends on what you know and totally buying into what is being asked of the team.

What would happen if your body decided not to listen to everything that your DNA was saying? Your current sport program is your DNA as a player, is the team meditating?


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