We often don’t appreciate the obstacles that come with keeping with something that we would like to accomplish. However, even within our faith, we meet situations that will ask you to change what you believe to be true. At times, we look for easier routes to our goals so we continually listen to self-help gurus and motivational speakers hoping that they may give us some insight for our goals to become realized more quickly. Unfortunately, we also hear our religious leaders toting that same type of “7 steps to your destiny” message.

The insights found in these messages aren’t inaccurate or insufficient, it’s just that the implications of the way the headlines are structured makes one to believe that after doing these 7 things, their destinies will appear. As humans we like to draw associations that could help us to believe such messages.

In 1 Kings 17:21, we find the prophet Elijah trying to help a child come back to life and in the story he ended up having to lay on the child 3 times in order for life to return. In 1 Kings 18:43, we find Elijah again praying and sending his servant up the mountain 7 times to see if he could see rain coming. Two goals – 1) to bring life and 3) to bring rain. We can find insights within the story that can reveal certain steps that each circumstance had that can help us to reach our goals as well. But buried beneath all the insights lays hidden one thing that is screaming silently for recognition. And it is the one thing ALL athletes or goal seekers must have in order to realize their goals.

Thought Persistence.

The amount of times Elijah had to use in order to get his results is not as important as his willing persistence to keep trying regardless of how long it took. He decided to never give up trying and he put his everything into doing what it took to get the result.

While attending church when I was younger I wanted to learn how to play the drums and even though I am no where a great drummer now, I persisted until I was good enough to play in the church. There were many foul-ups and miss cues while playing but I never counted the number of tries in my head. I kept trying.

Especially for athletes going into their season, I believe that that is what faith is about – persisting towards that one thought (getting a championship banner). There is no easy way of getting there, but the easiest way is to never give up and put your all into what you are doing to get there.

If it’s true faith, it doesn’t waver in the face of lack of success or accomplishment. If it’s true faith it holds fast to what it believes.

One tip to help you begin to get this type of mindset:

1) Know with clarity what you believe about yourself and your program. Whatever you believe, truly, will be the direction you are heading towards. Might as well Believe for Greatness…and Persist towards it!


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