Life and time comes in seasons. And in both, there must be a time of preparation leading up to the season in order to make sure you come out fine on the other side.

This idea is the same for faith. In order to take the journey of faith there must have been a preparation phase. For Christians, our preparation came in the form of Jesus preparing to become the sacrifice in our stead. Our journey of faith then only asks for us to hold on to that truth in the face of persecution (physical or mental), life’s problems (especially when they go against what we believe we should be going through), family rejections, and friends biting remarks.

When we begin this journey and bump into those obstacles, we can do a couple of things: quit, or allow the fruit of the Spirit that is trying to be grown in your life to become a reality. Sometimes the cares of self preservation can slow down that growth but if you continue the journey so as to win, remember our finish line is heaven.

race journey

Why is the beginning of every season stressful? Because we all know the obstacles that we will face during the season once it begins. Most people would rather the easiest road to the end.

What is the end of your faith? What would you like to see in yourself, for yourself, and around you because of the journey of your faith?

I’m sure there are obstacles that you are tirelessly traversing through in this current portion of your season. Here are 3 things to do to help give you the boost you may need to keep running.

1. Find the meaning in your situation.
There is always something to gain from every situation….find it in yours. What did you learn or are learning? Doing this will help your mind to remain focused on the path moving forward and not the tough obstacles you are facing. Concentrating on the horrible nature of what you are facing will keep you mentally stuck in despair. You don’t want that. All things work together for your good.

2. Find out what you can do better.
There is always some part of how you are planning to attack your season that can be better…whether it is your effort to have an optimistic outlook or better morning preparations for getting through the day. This will give you the constant hope of getting to the end. Be like the ant; always finding the better way to get to what they need.

3. Remember who you are
Remember your past experiences that have turned out great and how valuable you are to the people in your life. When going through a tough season it is easy to beat yourself up and identify yourself as a failure. Having those types of thoughts can be more detrimental than the tough times itself because it could last way past the bad season you are in. Keep in mind, or keep good friends around that will remind you of the great person you are for facing and coming through your past experiences. Most importantly, remember who you are in Christ. Get around believers who can speak into your life the words of God.

Do these 3 and you will continue running through your journey of faith.


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