The more I increase in self-awareness and hang around athletes the more I see what I clearly understand through watching the video below – all success needs first a strong desire be great at what you want married to “no quitting consistency”.

When this kid was 8 years old he decided that he wanted to play basketball. Check out a glimpse at his journey.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. I know that we know that in word but it is more difficult to live the phrase’s reality. I also know that we always hear, even throughout this blog site, that we should find what you love. We don’t say it because it’s just an exercise that motivators made up…we say it because without that you won’t make ti to the goal you claim you want to reach.

To athletes (and anyone else): Decide if you love the game you play or if you love just the idea of sport.

There is a major difference between commitment and participation. The difference is best seen in a breakfast of eggs and bacon….the chicken participated but the pig was committed. The young kid Damon Harge is committed…it’s all on the court. #sweat&blood

check out this article on the website on how to be mentally strong.



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