An important facet about faith, especially the Christian faith, is the idea of covenant. This idea carries with it our current concept of contract. But in the case of ancient Hebrew writings, the covenant was more binding – it has a life ending element if broken (so whoever is involved in any covenant is bound til death).

Genesis 15 : 8-18 (read it) is the first time we see this concept in scriptures but it was a common practice with the culture at that time. What the “ceremony” of cutting the animal in half and walking through the pieces really say to the partakers is that whoever breaks their side of what was spoken in the covenant, “may they be disemboweled like these animals and may the birds of the air feed on their flesh”. Sounds nasty? It was meant to show how serious going into a covenant is.

We see the interpretation of this in Jeremiah 34:18-20 (read this also).

Why am I bringing this ghastly perspective up in my post?

One reason – For you to ask yourself if you have ever given yourself over to something that you want. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you know that only death will stop you from attaining it? Have you ever gone into covenant with yourself?

I believe that this kind of mindset should be the Christian-Athlete’s foundation with anything they put their hands to do. Anything short of aiming for excellence should be looked at as a wasting of true life.

I am not saying to follow selfish ambition but I am saying that excellence adds value to the thing you are attached to. And whatever you are attached to can be the difference in some other person’s life. Either by making life easier because you were excellent or saving someone’s life.

Question: Will you covenant with yourself to be excellent?

Remember 2 Peter 1:5 “with all diligence add to your faith excellence….”


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