“You’ve been waiting so long for the opportunity to show the people who speak negative about what you are about and what you can do. But in waiting you fell asleep. You unfortunately got comfortable in the position of waiting….so you rest. It almost looks like you are hiding, afraid to show yourself…maybe you don’t think you can be great…I don’t know. I know you can hear me. I know that you are there, because I see glimpses of greatness in your eyes when your passion is mentioned. I know that it’s you, champion, because I have seen you before in the eyes of a fighter about to enter the octagon for a match. I’ve seen you in video footage of predators stalking their prey.

I know the blood of a champion is in your veins. Express yourself! I know it could be difficult. I know you would have to move out of the shade of your rest. I know you have to get your legs under you. I wonder where we’ll be if you take the reins, champ. I need you to. I want you to. I yearn and groan for you to…BECOME.

I’ll help you with the first steps. I’ll submit all my thoughts of habit now to whatever you say. I wasn’t willing before but I am willing now to listen and be coachable to your commands. I just want to be traveling on the journey of champions not the road towards mediocrity. I was told that ‘what you do with what is given, your blessings, your strengths, is the real test of maturity.’

What have I done to you??!?

Did I allow life obstacles to speak louder than your roar? The roar within? Well champ, I guess you were waiting for me. So I am roaring. WAKE UP! I’m pointing to your heart and commanding your passion to open up all the doors and windows and remain in your sight. I’ve heard you need that. Remember again, to what your intense gaze locked upon in the fields of sport and the arena of life. Champ, what did you see?! Who did you want to BE?!

I understand now that my strengths aren’t for survival, it is for purpose, so I am ready for the discipline of this journey. Overtake me Champ! Let’s Become Together! Fashion me into the character of Champions! Let’s go after what you see! And don’t let me give up! Keep me Pushing Forward!”


Your Soul


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