We’re about to jump into 2014 and I’m sure that most people have set some resolutions. And even though most would say they don’t pay attention to such things any longer, they still have a hope for things they refuse to speak out loud. “I want to lose weight.” “I want to be a better spouse, teammate…leader.” “I want to find a new job.” “I want to perform well.”

We also usually have a plan to make those things a reality. We know the way to walk. But there is one thing we never take into consideration that could help us embrace the discomfort of change. And of course it is a key awareness of a mentally strong person…a person of faith.

The process of changing habits is unfortunately best understood through the analogy of slavery…remaining in old habits being mental slavery.

The habits that you now have and their corresponding emotions have tied strong bonds unto your soul. And although your soul can still dream of better places, moving around with these bonds have become your comfort place born of familiarity. This is where you and your personality is right now.

As you move towards the new life you decide, you are using feelings and thoughts not engrained in yourself as yet. Your old feelings will send doses of fear and unbelief trying to reaffirm that where you are is best and make you rely on your old self. An Andre Gide quote from his novel Strait is the Gate sums it up best:

We do not feel our bonds as long as we follow willingly him who leads, but as soon as we begin to resist and to draw away, then indeed we suffer.

It is this suffering part of change that we must pay attention to for clarity of awareness. This “suffering” is your old self fighting to remain…it is not the real you but your thoughts and feelings forged from the behavioral habits you’ve been bound to for however long.

The person who can hold on longer to their dream/goal/new decision while wading through the disoriented feeling of emotional surprise and the fear of the unknown will experience the greater change – the increase of themselves or their talents.

All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience. – Henry Miller

The road of life can only reveal itself as it is traveled; each turn in the road reveals a surprise. Man’s future is hidden. – Martin Mueller

So what can I mention to help you get over this hump??

Sorry…there is no Staples ‘easy button’ to get out of this one. At least you know where your enemy of new things is. Don’t allow one misstep to stop you from pushing forward! Don’t allow your old self to find excuses and blame something “others” didn’t help you do….that’s just a tactic for you to retreat back into your comfort zone.

You know your enemy. You know your game plan. You know your purposed result.

The key to winning any battle is to step out of your home and step on the field of glory…knocking knees and all! Let 2014 be your field for glory!


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