When we set goals the one question we ask to ourselves without fail is…”What do I want?” or “What do I want to become?”. We then begin to set a plan for how we can achieve whatever we wrote down. Actually there is ONE more question we need to ask ourselves before venturing into our plan. And the answer to the question will let you know if you should even begin.

I rather not go into what I understand about human behavior or the human psyche, so I will just let you ask yourself the question. If you haven’t already, place the goals that you have written for yourself in front of you. And for those who do not have any goals, write some now.

Speak them now.

Now answer this question:

“Do you believe you can do it?!”

Key in the keyhole

Your response should not be in words from reasoning. There has to be a deeper answer – your gut. There is no greater measurement than what you feel about your chances, not in your mind but in your heart. Notice I didn’t ask if you were afraid…that’s part of it.

What did your feeling tell you? How you answer that will let you know if you should even attempt what you want to do. Here are three simple answers and my suggestions along with them.

1) I do NOT believe I can do it
If your gut is making you feel this message then I would suggest that you not attempt your goal. You will most assuredly fail. Accept this and find a goal (still challenging) that you can wrap your instincts around. Like Henry Ford famous words, “…if you think you can’t, you are right!

2) I’m Not Sure if I can
At least with this answer, there is something you can do. Saying “I’m not sure”, just reveals that you have concerns or worries about something. The best thing to do is find what worries you about your goals. Try to get those down on paper then begin to ask if your worrisome assessment is true. Also you can ask yourself what can I do to get around the obstacle(what are my skills?). Most often people find that their worries were unfounded and shift the I’m not sure to an I can! “A person’s true enemy is their doubt.”

3) Yes I Can do This!
This person of course is ready to Go! Because even though the goal may be very challenging, they have the confidence and courageousness to take everything the road will offer. “Nothing in this world is impossible if heart and mind is put towards it.”(quote from Spartacus, Starz original series)

You need both your HEART & MIND to agree with where you want to go! So tell me…you ready to unlock your FIRE of potential?!


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