I was waiting for my turn to perform on the stage for my comedy routine; standing in a back hallway of a kitchen in the Hyatt Regency in Princeton, NJ. I stumbled into the hallway because I was up next, right after a fellow student of comedy. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t tell the beats apart from each other. It was like just one solid tone, like a one strummed note on a bass guitar left to reverberate til eternity. This was my first time trying to do comedy.

My back was up against the wall and my eyes piercing the ceiling as I was trying to recall my bit. The longer I waited for my turn, the more my memory failed. Between the time the MC was prepping the audience for my act and me walking gingerly and bright eyed to the stage, I could not remember one part of my routine.


I find that walking by faith feels the same way that I felt before walking on this stage. It would be the same way that I suspect that Peter felt when, as scriptures recorded, he walked on water.

I believe that Peter’s story reveals a great analogy of two concepts that explain what it’s like to push forward in life; the water representing our emotions being impacted by our circumstances and Peter representing faith (our hopes hidden in the unknown).

Whenever we decide to step out of what everybody else is in and choose a different path, we, for success’ sake, must be able to rise above our ever present fears. And there is only one way to walk on top of our fears – faith. Walking by faith is to boldly attempt something that you have never done before. Think of it as the goal you have set for yourself this year.

For me, I chose to do comedy that night because I wanted to learn how to be more comfortable in front of an audience and see if my words could move a crowd. By now you may want to know what happened.

Well, by the time I reached the stage and pulled the mic from the mic stand, everything went black. Something happened. My fear left and I went on what I could only relay as auto-pilot. And to my surprise, people loved my routine! That’s just like faith isn’t it? If you keep walking towards your goal, by the time you reach the final stage you realize that fear exists only to test how bad you really wanted what you said you desired.

Faith is the ability to pull your conscience above the things that are easily impacted by the environment into a place of risk and hope. As counter-intuitive as this may sound, it is the place of faith that will give you the most peace not your comfort zone.

Fear weeds out the posers, so that only people of excellence receive glory.

Have you been walking by faith today?


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