Being inspired is one of the best feelings in life. Throughout this blog site, I have tried to do that for you. What I understand about excellence, better yet what I understand about the mind and how it works is that only what you hear and accept can change how intense and persistent you approach what you do.

I could reveal to you in this post a better understanding of how the psyche works and how important it is for you to get it. Becoming a person of character will help you but hearing principles or messages from other people of excellence can help your mind give birth to the person you are to become.

So, today I want to share an hour long video of great messages and principles. What I hope is that you listen to at least the first 6 minutes. If I thought this wouldn’t help shape your efforts I wouldn’t place it in this post. Let your heart listen carefully and use the video to reflect on the things that you are doing and want to do. Enjoy.

Dream again! Share your excellence with the rest of us! Don’t go to your grave an incomplete work of art!

How much of the video did you watch? How much of the video are you going to watch?



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