There are only a few things that I truly remember about my childhood; and I mean truly remember to the point of recalling what my thoughts and feelings were at that time.

When I was about 6 or 7 I remember that my older cousin would lay on the ground or bed, as I rested my stomach and chest against her shins and she held on to my hands then lifted her legs up as I pretended that I was flying like superman. Moving back, forth and side to side I flew, giggling with delight as I zipped between skyscrapers and coasted over mountain lines until the turbulence threw my equilibrium off. Whenever I would get grounded I would hop back up with a big grin on my face yelling, “Again”! I’m sure my cousin had a blast with that and was happy to continue.

What I remember clearly now in retrospect was the mental innocence of that time in my life. There was nothing else that I was thinking about…it was only the present moment. I didn’t have to think, ‘what am I going to do tomorrow?’; ‘how am I going to pay these bills?’; ‘what am I cooking later?’; ‘do my cousins hate me?’; ‘what happens if I fall and hit my head?’; ‘what if I get hurt and can’t walk again?’….you get the idea.

I had absolute faith(without knowing the concept) that those things would take care of themselves so I didn’t even give them thought. I remember being so involved with the moment and having no worries and cares at all….just smiling away and tiring out my cousin’s legs. Behind the scenes some of those thoughtful concerns that were oblivious to me were being taken care of and worried about by my parents.

Sometimes I wonder if that is what Jesus is trying to get us young adults and adults to remember. We get caught up in many things that we MUST pay attention to throughout our lives. But Jesus says things like, “Take no thought for tomorrow” and “Don’t worry about what you will eat, drink and how you will get clothing”. Crazy talk right? Especially because we know that we have responsibilities in order to get those things.

I guess Jesus is trying to get us to remember what real faith feels like. It’s amazing to think about, especially when Jesus also says that to enter the Kingdom of God you must enter like a child. He is asking for us to be like I was, not thinking about all the external things but just enjoying being superman in the moment. But for Him, the kingdom and righteousness is our superman moment…it is the thing for which we should be focusing and all the other things will be taken care of according to what Jesus says. God is our father.

Do we believe that? Do we have faith?…like a child?

Do we believe that God knows and cares like a parent does or do we fit into what Jesus calls “ye of little faith”. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself. What about you?


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