Sometimes being excellent doesn’t mean that you always perform at the peak of whatever skill you already have; sometimes it’s seen taking a risk and performing at the bottom of a new skill you’re trying to learn.

The pursuit of excellence always reveal these ebbs and flows in the journey. When you reach those ebb times and you are at the bottom, you get to realize the one thing that ALL great athletes understand – Becoming Great Is Not About Talent, It’s About Heart!

To be consistently excellent in your performance you will lean mostly on Heart not Talent. Why? Because like the first quote by Winston Churchill says in the video below: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Talent will never be able to cope with failure because talent is connected to your ego…fragile thing it is. Heart doesn’t care about failing, it only cares about and pays attention to effort; it will ignore failure and search for improvement. Heart is what coaches want from all their athletes and should be the thing you want for yourself. Do you have heart?

Worth the watch:


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