At the young age of 36, I have found some ideas within my experiences that I’m sure most people have seen in their lives as well. I wanted to lay some of those insights here for you to check out.

“There are people in life who see you through the way they view life and want to force you to see yourself through their eyes. There are also people who only experience their interactions with you through their life experiences and judge your intentions based on their past, never really getting to know you for you. There are some people who are too busy to learn how to get to know you yet they have expectations for deep bonding friendships (I have yet to see that work for anyone).

From what I understand so far, it is the experiences and the perspective on life that creates the rich and complex personality and character in an individual…we just have to learn that we should share those not force others to live through our eyes. When you get to know those, you are building a common ground acquaintances; continue building experiences and perspectives together with emotions all bare, you are building friendships; continue further and commit to view and experience life together you are building love.

Do you judge God based on your experiences? Do you suppose to know the intentions of God? When you think about faith with God or relationship with God and His Word, do you believe that you are building something that could be love?

We at times have expectations for God and possibly everyone else saying things like, “If He does this then I’ll come to Him.” Here lies two truths that I have understood to be part of life: 1) We love out of convenience while God loves out of truth, 2) If is a dreamland no one ever reaches, a darkness that is never lit.

Being willing to be open and honest is the first step in any journey for relationship because hidden stipulations tend to make you seem fake. Your perceptions of things lay out your journey and whether you see hardships or easy going you still must walk through it. You decide whether you want to play the role of nervous wanderer or a keen discoverer.

You have to journey across life to embrace your desires or someone else’s promise…either way you are pushing forward.



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