In this post I won’t write much but I’m asking that you think about the images that I’ve posted as a picture of leadership. When it comes to leadership, sometimes we instantly believe it is in getting other people to do what you know they should be doing. I know I’ve fallen into that mindset. But it’s not…it’s in knowing them deeply enough to influence them to accomplish what THEY desire.

Just because you know what to do, how to do it and why it should be done doesn’t automatically make you “the one to be listened to or followed. You must invest time and connect in order to lead. You must know what the other person really desires, not what you think they need. I’ll give you a great illustration of what I think an invested leader looks like.


The lady in the picture is that of Terezinha Guilhermina. She won the gold in paralympics in London 2012 running the 100m and 200m. What’s amazing about this story is that this lady is blind. The guy next to her is her running guide.

When they run, he has to be tied to her arm and she must be blindfolded (they do that because every “blind” paralympic runner has different levels of visual impairment hence keeping all athletes on a level playing field). Have you ever tried to run with someone tied to your arm?

When they crossed the finish line first….this was her guide’s expression!


My point exactly! A great leader invests the time and commits their emotions with the success of the person they lead! That’s a team! Leading is teaming up with others – if you win I do!

You want to know if you’re a leader? How emotionally invested are you to what other people desire? Are you excited for their victories? Are you willing to run with them through all their challenges?

If you want to know, take a look at the second picture and ask yourself…do I feel like that guy when helping others even if it’s for their glory and not mine?

Now take a look at the quote in the first picture. Even though she has won, her mindset is hoping that because of her victories other people win in whatever they desire to do! That’s invested leadership…by example. If you want to read a little about her life and background click here.


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