Honor is the recognition of the glory of a thing or person. But honor is more than  recognition right? I think so. I believe that honor is an active process of recognizing and trusting portions of yourself (either your attention or physical service) to another. So if you are honoring a person you listen and do whatever “words of wisdom” they promote.

I’m a teacher so I like to start with a baseline understanding through defining so we all can see the same thing.

Glory – the truest (fullest) nature of a thing or person. (ex. a flower in bloom is in its glory. A person who believes that their identity is a warrior will be in full glory on the battlefield.)

When you honor someone, you are recognizing their glory AND either  trusting them with something or awarding them for what they already were tested with.

Imagine you have a painting that you want to hang up on your wall and while your eyes were scoping the layout you happen upon a nail in the wall already – exactly what you needed. By moving towards it you are in fact beginning the honoring process and by hanging your painting on it you are testing the qualities of the nail’s glory that you perceived. Is it worthy?


Glory is only revealed by testing. If you are going through a tough time in your mind, sport, relationship, or just life… think about it this way: You are being honored to reveal the glory Life sees in you.

As Christians what we are saying when we give our lives to God through belief is, “God, I recognize your qualities of character and am willing to trust you and place my life in your hands”. And when we attend church and worship through singing we are recognizing the King to be all that He said He is. The singing honors Him and the sermon explains in further detail some more of His qualities or more deeply the one’s you already know.

Who have you perceived to be honorable? Have you noticed anyone around you that honors you? I am not saying that people are worthy of worship like God is, but I am revealing that all relationships (work, team, spouse, friend) that grow, will grow out of the ground of honor – someone sees something in you and trusts you with themselves, a position, a task that needs you to reveal your seen glory within (or vice versa).

Does anyone trust you like that? Do you trust anyone like that? Understand that without this kind of honoring there will neither be growth in your life nor your team’s. I know for certain that your coaches, team, significant other would absolutely love to honor you.

But before you leave let me ask you these questions. Wherever you are in your life now, (athlete, student, worker, parent, friend, or child) are you ready to receive honor? Or are you afraid of the process of your true glory to be revealed?


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