Have you ever bailed any person out of prison?

I remember bailing a friend of mine out of prison and what I noticed is what I’ll try to Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroomexplain here. I was sitting on a wooden bench outside of the courtroom waiting for them to call his case. I would know when they called it because he would walk pass me with the guards on the way to the courtroom. The hallway was buzzing with side conversations and I felt an intensity in the air.

What I noticed next shocked me. I saw my friend walking down the hallway towards me with the guards. I stood up smiling, happy to see him but he looked different. He didn’t look like the guy I knew. I knew him to be a tough guy but something about prison changed the way he looked to me. I don’t know if you can fully understand unless you’ve seen it….I don’t know. His entire face had morphed into what I could only understand at the time as hardened evil. It was as if he could stare through walls. And when he spoke with me as he walked by it was just rough and short…more like grunts.

I slowly sat back down on the bench, my mind spinning trying to understand what I just experienced. What I’m about to say isn’t a revelation – prison changes you. I understood later that you are a certain way in prison that you don’t have to be constantly when out.

It was like he was guarding his very breath – his life. In prison that’s the only thing you have to guard. But you decide what your breath represents in there. Other prisoners will take your stuff waiting to see what will cause you to defend yourself. They are looking to see where your heart lies. If you don’t fight for anything they will control your life.

What you are willing to fight for reveals where your heart lies and what you value most.

Isn’t that how life is? Life would continue to take things from you until you decide to fight. If you don’t, then life will continue to take until your very life is forfeit. What are you willing to fight for? Has life taken your opportunities? When will you fight to get those mental prisonback?

Did life take a “starting position” on your sports team? When are you going to fight to get those back? Did life take your faith? your passion? your family? your optimism? your friends? your vision?

If you haven’t fought for any of those, what DO you value then? What will you fight for? Or should I just mark you as “dead man walking”. If you are ready to fight, as a peak performance educator, I’m ready to show you how. Mental training equips you to know that you can get anything done and helps you find a way through any obstacle. It’s like bailing you out of mental prison. NO GIVING UP! The results being as if you can see through the walls! You will have Intensity and Direction.

Your first step is to find, as a student-athlete or anyone else for that matter, what you aren’t willing to let life take or keep.

Then my question to you is: Are you ready to rumble!!!?

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