What would you be willing to give up for God to work unhindered, with all power, in your life?

In a pious way, I tried to answer my mentor via text. He texts me a question every week and this one had me saying super holy things like, “everything!”

“I understand your need to ‘say the right answer’ but you are viewing God from a wrong vantage point” he responded without any lovely emoticons to lessen the sting of the correction.

We ended up on the phone speaking these ideas out that I will share now. Allow me to use the metaphor of a tree referring to us. If we were a tree, we view giving to God as something like the fruit we produce or the material part of our existence. If God asked what we were willing to give up, we automatically think of material possessions as if that’s what God wants.

When in reality the better vantage point would be from the roots (the unseen part).


If you understand real tree roots, you would know that they constantly search and reach out for water. Unfortunately, because they do this they can destroy a house’s foundation and depending on the quality of sewage pipes, roots can clog up the pipes because they always seek water. That’s what a “sewage back-up” is…in case you wanted to know (for a paper or something).

So what people do is put root barriers in that hinders the roots from spreading out and destroying the house’s foundation.

Jesus refers to Himself in scripture as the living water. And sometimes we view searching for God, something to be managed. We believe that if our roots constantly seeks God we could upend the life that we live and that constant seeking can crack the foundation of what we are trying to build. We don’t want “sewage back-up”…we feel like if we don’t manage seeking God that all of our responsibilities in life will back up on us.

All valid concerns? I guess. But Jesus stills says, “He knows what you need but seek first the Kingdom of God…” If you were a tree and God asked you what you are willing to give up for Him, the first answer should be “my root barrier” not “my fruits”. But what does that root barrier represent? It’s your doubt. We believe that we seek the betterment of our lives more than God does.

Doubt will always keep God from working unhindered in your life. You should be seeking water constantly and that is found in God. Are there characteristics or illustrations of God that you see in scripture but doubt that it’s for you? Are you willing to give that doubt up?

Are there promises that God has said that he will do but you doubt because of length of time that it’s true? Are you willing to get rid of that barrier?

The ‘fruits’ (material things) that you have in your life God personally doesn’t need…He’s a Spirit plus everything on earth is already His. But you can use the fruits you produce in order to help someone else, since you want to be righteous. In fact the reason you have those fruits is because of the water anyway.

If you are willing to do something for God do this:

1) Get rid of doubt
2) Share your fruit with others

Which portion of God are you not allowing your roots to flow into?


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