All throughout my work on this blog site, I mention things that my mentor has taught me. And this post is no different. I learned how to teach about potential from him. Here’s a saying that he says about potential: “Potential is nothing more than a possible direction. Potential has no real meaning in your life unless you release it by moving forward towards what you see.”

One way I teach potential is by walking outside of a nearby building saying,

“Before this building went up there was an empty lot here. Absent zoning laws, when people were standing in front of this empty lot, anything could of been built here but this business is here. It could have been a park, a man-made pond, or a school. Why is this particular building here? Because the person who built it followed after what they saw. And possibly more strong than others who saw the potential of the land also.”

Of all the things that my mentor taught me what I’m about to share is the most prominent for me. He said to me that in life you should always have coins in your pocket. You know how we put coins in the soda machines to get product? There are coins that we ought to drop in our brains for certain product, and potential has a certain coin for it. To date, my mentor has given me 5 different coins and today I’ll share one with you.


A coin has two sides that show different things but it still is just one coin. The coin of potential has the same. These two things, though they may seem different are one and the same and you cannot honestly have one without the other…EVER. So what’s the potential coin?

The two sides to the potential coin is: Learning & Commitment.

This is a truth in all things related to potential, even relationships. Here’s the logic. If you are committed to something or someone, it will be seen by your desire to learn about them or it. And if you have learned anything it is only seen by your commitment in doing it (things that you don’t do you haven’t learned). True learning demands commitment to what has been learned and true commitment demands constant learning.

Let’s face it, learning is connected to commitment and if you disagree then it plausible you aren’t committed to the thing that you have in your mind at this moment.

Whatever you learn, you commit to – that’s growth. And whatever you are committed to, you want to learn more about – that’s direction. To release your potential, this is the coin that needs to drop into your psyche and never leave!

When I speak with athletes, coaches or with anyone, I ask them to cup their hands together palms up, look into them and tell me, “What do you think you can become right where you’re at now? What is your potential?”. Go ahead and ask yourself that question now. What’s your answer?

If you are selling yourself short by saying something that you can already do or know you can do then there is something else you and I need to talk about. But if you find out what ‘possible direction’ you want to follow, then you now know the coin that you need to drop in your mind to get you what you see.

Always Remember It because It WILL Release Your Potential!


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