herm-edwards-speaker-150x150I was listening to Coach Herm Edwards give a presentation to a NFL rookie class on what a a “pro” athlete looks like. And I believe that what he talks about transcends any particular sport. Every athlete can learn something from the 5 things he mentioned. But the list would need a certain type of mind for it to happen, and I would like you to think about yourself to see if you have what it takes.

5 Things a Pro athlete Is (Herm Edwards)

1) Always early
Studies the game plan, film and opponents and is always prepared for the day’s work.

2) Team
Always puts team first, ahead of personal glory

3) Physically Prepared
Never tires in practice or game. Motivates and pushes themselves in practice, sprints to finish the play

4) Competes
Thrives on challenges, the tougher the better (especially in one-on-one physical contests)

5) A Leader
By example, they epitomizes the way the game should be played

If you are honest you will see that everything that Coach Edwards lists, asks an athlete to be self-aware, disciplined and passionate. Passion, coaches expect naturally from a player the other two takes mental fortitude.

Mental fortitude will always ask two things from an athlete: humbleness & clear direction. 

Humbleness will increase your perseverance because it will whisper “If I don’t work hard Ibasketball can be beat“, and “I know it’s impossible for me to know it all so I have to listen for understanding when coaches speak“. If you want to increase your passion, humble yourself.

Having a clear direction about what type of player your coach needs you to be and knowing what standard of productivity you want is a great first step towards the direction of discipline. Without an idea of those things you will never be disciplined in the way that your program is asking you to be.

If you haven’t already, ask your coach for the direction they want you to move towards and when they speak…listen humbly!


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