One of the most well-known stories in the Bible and the most pivotal stories to the protection of the children of Israel is the story of Joseph.

You can find the entire story of Joseph and how he saved his family in Genesis chapters 37-50. The overview of the story is that Joseph’s brothers sold him as slave to slave traders who then sold him to slave work in Egypt. In time and through circumstances, Joseph became second in command in Egypt and saved his family from starvation during a 7 year famine. Joseph learned that even through the rejection from his brothers that God was using that horrible situation to save them from dying during the upcoming famine.

In the emotional drama of this redemptive story there is one chapter that sticks out like a sore thumb – Genesis 38. What does this story have to do with Joseph’s story? Not one thing!


The Genesis 38 story is about Tamar, one of Joseph’s brothers daughter-in-law. (I’m not going to re-tell the story…you can take the quick read for yourself).

Growing up I always thought that the story of Joseph was about being able to go through tough circumstances because God will see you through them all. And this is right but I think I’ve found another truth purposefully placed in Genesis 38.

Tamar gave birth to a son named Pharez who, as genealogical records show is the ancestor of King David and most importantly Jesus. Why do I mention this? Because while it is great to understand that God will see you through hard times, it’s extremely amazing to see that he will at times shelter you from those as well.

What do I mean?

Joseph himself recognized that God planned all of his hurtful experiences so that the children of Israel could be saved. I believe God was making sure that his seed’s line (Pharez) was protected. Notice that Pharez wasn’t in the bad circumstance. God made sure that His seed was well taken care of through the circumstances of another.

I believe God does this for us too. There are other people right now who are going through the difficult circumstances for their promotion that will aid you later in life. And it could be that you are going through a tough time now that some other person needs you to overcome for their benefit.

The Genesis 38 concept says that whether you are called to overcome or to rest until your salvation comes, trust that God is always working all things for your good.

Do you get it? While Joseph is saving his family (especially Pharez) from famine, Pharez’s descendant, Jesus, will bring salvation as well. And God orchestrates it all!

Regardless of which position you think you are experiencing…Always Push Forward and Always Trust!


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