Have you realized yet that it’s not the BIG obvious self-negative thoughts that hinder you the most from pursuing excellence? It’s the small ones that are easy to believe that don’t send up red flags. The small ones that you readily hold as truthful about you.

A great example of what I want to speak about can be seen in this.

Collegiate athletes have entered into their off-season with the summer program packet that their respective coaches have given them with the idea to come back next season better and more fit than when they left. Coaches hope that their team will follow the plan to a “T”. But here’s the thing about small thoughts.


Life, like excellence, is made by small daily decisions. “No one walks to their car in one leap.” If you were to ask any athlete, they would never say the obvious self-negative thought of


But they will swallow the small thought of

“I can skip this workout. I can’t find a gym or track to run and workout in. I tried and don’t know how to do this skill drill so I’m gonna skip it.”

No where in their mind do they recognize that accepting the small one is proclaiming the BIG one! But they are. They don’t understand that thinking “I won’t go hard today because I’m going out later” to be the same as saying “I  WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH COMPETITIVE TEAMS!”

If you want to know what you really believe about your dreams or future ideas about yourself listen to the soft spoken flippant thoughts you say about the daily decisions you should be making.

Becoming something that you are not yet is an uncomfortable journey but one that will build your confidence to tackle many other things that you would want to become later in life. So the summer workout packets that athletes have for the summer is for their confidence in future endeavors as it is for their greatness in their sport.

Keep Pushing Forward.


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