One of my daily “devotional-type-readings” come from this book

177 mental toughness secrets

All of the secrets are good and the one today especially spoke to what I wanted to write about today anyway. So I will copy it in here for all to read. Intercollegiate sports are in their off-season now and for athletes there are many reasons to slack off. I want you to really hear what Steve Siebold is saying in this post.

Secret #98

The average person would be flabbergasted at the amount of time and effort that professional performers invest on their way to the top. Amateurs use words like lucky and opportunistic to describe the world class, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. The great ones pay a tremendous price for their success. While the masses spend an inordinate amount of time planning and scheming ways to avoid doing the work necessary to win, champions are out on the playing field paying the price.

The middle-class consciousness is convinced there is a shortcut to success, and are bound and determined to find it. Of course, there never has been a shortcut to success, nor is there a glamorous method of paying the price. There is only the blood, sweat and tears of delayed gratification. There is only the pain and suffering of practice. There is no escape from it, and the winners know it. You either pay the price for success or pay the price of regret.

Only champions know the price of success is a much lighter burden to bear than the ongoing torture of regret. As speaker Jim Rohn says, “Paying the price weighs ounces . . . but regret weighs tons.” To thinking and contemplative people, the only intelligent choice is paying the price. The alternative is mental torture. Success is a tool road . . . pay now or pay later. You already know what the great ones do.

“Do my current habits, actions and behaviors suggest I am more interested in instant pleasure or delayed gratification?”

What are you doing to make sure you are helping your future?


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