“You could surprise yourself by how much can get done when you don’t care who gets the praise.”

I’ve heard that quote said many different ways but the message is loud and clear. Sometimes leadership is you coming up with what needs to be done and delegating. And other times leadership means those who went first! On rare occasions, you’ll find someone doing both.

Those that went first don’t always get to hear the praise for their bravery, but their sacrifice was the reason others broke through the obstacle that was in the way.

In order to be this type of leader there has to be an idea that you consider to be greater than you and there has to be a team that you believe with your entire heart will continue fighting for the realization of what you gave your all for.

This concept is what every sports coach hopes their current team can understand. Even if the team can’t win the whole thing, the coach hopes that they give their all so that whatever the result is, it becomes the foundation for growth. But for that effort to be a sacrifice, it had to have been your ALL.

A pawn can’t move half of its body into harms way…it moves it’s entire self. It may be that the team you’re on is a pawn…the first wave. It could be that your team is a bishop…you can move further. All I know is that whichever you are, ALL is what is demanded in the game.

And if you care more about getting the credit you are far from being the team player needed in any game. And if all you want to give is half effort then you are far from being a true athlete!

Don’t feel put off from this athletes…because sport asks the same from coaches as well! Even if they don’t get to take a team to the finish line, they should give their all so that the program is one step closer!

Are you giving your ALL? If not, then you aren’t even in the game!



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