Today is the first day of the rest of your life! – Unknown

When you read that, what do you hear? I used to believe that phrase explained when someone found something new to do or be a part of, like a new job, an introduction to a new music artist etc.

But the phrase really is plea for us to change our view of our lives. We often ask the question, “How did we end up here?”. We often view our moments in life as an arrival to Looking back“here”. What this phrase is trying to get us to see is a major truth if you want to be a peak performer in anything in life! What is that?

Today will ALWAYS be the first day of the REST of your life!

It’s saying that instead of asking how did I end up here or “we” ended up here…take a look at what you have and say this is what I am beginning with for the rest of my life…how can I best use it?

The idea of being positive is a great one. Positive is not the same as encouraging…when I use the term I mean forward looking…like positive yardage! Since today is the beginning of the rest of your life…dream well! Don’t waste any time regretting the past. Like I heard my mentor say many times, “You can’t saw sawdust!”

Since we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our minds, our one duty is to furnish it well. – Peter Ustinov
A good start to furnishing your mind is to get rid of regret and bring in personal positive thinking. This thinking will have you seeing the exciting nature of the adventures life brings us through. On that journey you ought to furnish your mind well.

Understanding how to build your mind to be at its peak should be the first thing you want to furnish your mind with…and to start that process is to bring in positivity. Why? because it breeds hope!

Creating and living within this mindset for yourself is most like being in a jungle with a compass as opposed to a map…only knowing the direction not the steps. A peak performance mind is needed for the surprises and opposing forces you will inevitably meet on your journey!

What are you doing today that will surely make it the beginning of the rest of your life?


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