What you believe shapes how you perceive your life and surroundings, and ultimately directs your action.

Your belief trains your mind to only perceive the things in which it finds value and blocks out the “others”.

So if you believe that you must be “successful” and that success is only measured by how much money you make and have, then your action will be pleasant to those who have money and less pleasant to those without. Your concerns would not be to the well being of others unless there is a way of getting some profit for yourself.

Likewise, if you believe you must be “successful” and that success is only measured by achieving objectives, then you will value goals that direct action. Your concern would be towards “getting things done” and less towards the feelings of another person. The person could be hurting but as long as things get done you really could care less.

My faith has made me more aware of watching my own behavior, caring about the hearts of others, and having a viewpoint about the world in which we live.


My faith has made me painstakingly aware that life is not a business plan but a building plan.

One Sabbath day when Jesus and his disciples were walking through a grain field, his disciples began to pluck and eat the kernels. A group of teachers scolded them asking, ‘Why are you breaking the Sabbath by doing work?’. Jesus essentially replied, “The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. (The Sabbath was made to meet the needs of people, and not people to meet the requirements of the Sabbath)”

When I think about the way our needs for living are set up for us, I can’t help but see that we are expendable for the purpose of business plans. My faith allows me to see that business/economy was made for man and not man for business/economy. And my faith tells me that we can’t block people out into a social issue bucket just to keep our service to what we value most – money.

In theory, caring for people is more important than creating a consumerist society. That seems to be the right perspective but caring for people begins with valuing others more highly than yourself and money. It’s a heart issue. It’s not about what you value. It’s about what should you value. And that in itself is what faith and belief is all about.

Practically, we must manage our economy/business well and not everyone who tries to work is the right fit for the job. So…they remain unemployed. So the truth is that we should, in every message to people, preach that they should become the best expression of their talents – excellence. Because it is only through excellence that we will rid the world of the issues that plague the true building plan – the growth of people/humanity. I have faith. And that’s the easiest thing to forget…that life is all about growing up. PEACE.


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