He was surrounded by 3 other threatening guys with his back up against the wall, frightened. I guess this is what middle school is all about. It wasn’t necessarily a bullying thing but the guy with his back against the wall crossed the line with a prank and now is getting “checked”.

I was about 12 years old and the guys surrounding the one guy were my friends and I was the one who caused this scene to happen. It was then that I realized that in the core of me I was truly an empathetic person. I couldn’t allow my friends to beat this kid up eventhough I was mad at him.

It’s this side of me that some of the grown men who I came of age around, said was the reason they knew I was born to be a leader. These were the same men who taught me that if I were ever in a situation in which I was extremely afraid and my back against a wall to remember, “Fear and willingness don’t live in the same house.

What they taught me was to not be afraid of being afraid but to seek out how willing I was to do what needs to be done. Fear doesn’t stop you from being willing they said. If you are willing, step forward with the fear, it will give you the energy to do what needs to be done.

Fear is like a HUGE storm out on the open sea, where the waves are rolling high over and surrounding a ship. Willingness is like two things: the compass on the ship pointing in the direction you should go and the captain’s hands that grip the ship’s wheel keeping course.

As long as you live you should lead your life; a more familiar term would be self-control. You shouldn’t allow your surrounding environment to force you into anything that you aren’t willing to bear. What makes this a paradox is that in order to know what you are willing to do, you first must be willing to pass through fear. DO NOT ALLOW FEAR TO KEEP YOUR BACK AGAINST ANY WALL!!! (the wall of mediocrity, of poor performances, of shame, of tiredness etc.)

WILL yourself to…Push Forward. Keep trekking. You don’t need confidence for that!


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  1. Thanks! It’s not even 10am and I already need a “Go get’em” speech. Thanks for being the one to deliver it. *WILL yourself to*…Push Forward. Keep trekking. You don’t need confidence for that!

    The truth is you really don’t need confidence for that. But sometimes that’s what we wait for. Today I am going to Will myself to accomplish everything on my plate!

    I hope you have a blessed day. ~Raquel

    • Thanks for sharing that Raquel. Sometimes all we need is a word that can spark that something inside of us. Hope your day turns out blessed also! or…WILL your day to turn out blessed!

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